Functional Maintenance Programs

This program is geared towards those who are severely de-conditioned, older adults or frail elders who live in the community alone, with family, or in assisted living facilities but who want to work on just maintaining their current level of abilities and slow down aging process to remain as independent as possible. This program is also appropriate for someone who is chair fast or bed fast for passive range of motion exercises to reduce risk of contracture. Clients who have dementia can also participate as program activities can be geared towards one's current level of function. No client is too debilitated to experience the positive impact that moving the body can provide! *Please note, this is not skilled physical or occupational therapy. This is not reimbursable from and medical insurance, as it is not "therapy". There may be times when it is appropriate for you to get a referral from your physician for skilled therapy.

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30 min- $30.00

45 min-$40.00

60 min- $50.00


Minimum 2x week